Citrus Sweets began in 2011 as a home-based business making cakes, cupcakes and savoury snacks. Starting with the classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate, we slowly evolved to include more flavors, as well as vegetarian options.

Our cakes, cupcakes and other sweets are all baked to order using fresh and high quality ingredients imported from America, Europe and Australia.

Always on the move to improve, we keep an eye out for trends and techniques to use on our cakes and continually research to make our products better. This includes taking refresher courses in baking and decorating to keep up with what is new in the industry.

To make things more convenient for our clients, Citrus Parties came along. This allowed us to add party materials to our line- up, making it easier for clients to pick-up their decorations and party items together with their cakes in one go.

In 2017, Citrus Home was launched, bringing in personal care and household items from the US that are not readily available locally.